Activist Burnout and Self-Care

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Activist Burnout and Self-Care

Postby shellyh » Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:22 am

The following are notes taken at In Service Training July 2015.

Definition:Activist Burnout-lack of presence (mentally/emotionally) or loss of self. Two different extremes.

Self-Care: Acknowledging that burnout happens.
Balance and valuing positive interpersonal relationships
Activities/passions outside of activist work
Conversations about burnout that promote group care: delegating wisely with each other in mind. Saying "NO" (If its not a "hell yes" its a "hell no")
Rhythm and Rest
Patterns of positive self-talk
Create an arsenal of activities and de-stress toolkit

Avoiding Burnout:
Build trusting relationships
Setting realistic goals and timelines

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