Engaging with Faculty

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Engaging with Faculty

Postby shellyh » Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:59 am

Engaging Faculty in Service-Learning Teaching & Engaged Research
1. Find what’s in it for them
• It is scholarly.
• It is academically rigorous.
• It is publishable.
• It makes GREAT research in an evolving field.
2. Appeal to why they became an instructor
• Before they became old and jaded, didn’t they once want to make a difference in the world?
• Are they burnt out? Service-Learning invigorates students AND faculty.
• Do they have too much to do? This isn’t MORE WORK, it’s a BETTER WAY to get done what they already have to do!
3. Mention that it meets institutional objectives
• All Universities in Florida (and this mandate will soon apply to all colleges in Florida as well) will have to achieve a Carnegie Classification for Engagement by 2025. THEY can be part of the solution as their institution seeks to implement a culture of engagement institution-wide.
• We have data that shows increases in retention of 6% for students identified as high-risk for non-completion. That might not sound like a lot, but it is HUGE!
4. And the BIG BONUS is that . . . it REALLY WORKS!
• We have known for OVER 100 years that this style of teaching WORKS.
• Students LOVE IT . . . they put down their phones!
• It is what will heal us and help us to reconnect, maintain our democratic experiment, and become better human beings with a higher-quality life.

Or they can contact me at:

Karen Rubin, PhD, Academic Affairs, (850) 922-2283

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