Become a Certified College Positive Volunteer!

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Become a Certified College Positive Volunteer!

Postby Andjenkins » Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:26 pm

Hello everyone! Would you like to become a certified College Positive Volunteer? A College Positive Volunteer is anyone who chooses to give his/her time to help mentor K-12 youth and prepare them for college. If interested, follow the link below, watch the presentations, and complete the three quizzes which correspond with each presentation. Once you've completed the quizzes, call or email the Florida Campus Compact office to receive your certificate qualifying you to be a College Positive Volunteer and prepare K-12 youth for college success!

Call: (850) 488-7782

Join the Conversation: In what ways does being a College Positive Volunteer make an impact on students concerning their post secondary success? Good luck!!!

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